Fort Scott 243 Win SCS TUI 70gr Rifle Ammo


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VMC 243-070-SCV
Fort Scott 243 Win SCS TUI 70gr Rifle Ammo

Fort Scott Munitions™ .243 SCS® TUI™ ammo is a match grade bullet made of solid copper and engineered to Tumble Upon Impact™ to provide devastating stopping power. While designed as precision ammo for rifle hunters, the high performance qualities of our monolithic Tumble Upon Impact™ bullets make them ideal rounds for home and self-defense or law enforcement.

Unmatched Hunting Performance
If you need a round that is capable of shooting steel up to 1,000 yards that will drop anything from varmints to large game in its tracks, then Fort Scott Munitions™ .243 Winchester TUI™ is for you. Our match grade solid copper .243 TUI™ projectiles are all precision machined and loaded with the utmost care to bring you some of the tightest tolerances in the industry when it comes to factory loads. Each round is also engineered with our multi-patented Tumble Upon Impact™ technology, giving you one of the most lethal match grade hunting rounds on the market. Upon entry into soft tissue our solid copper projectiles will begin to tumble, causing massive amounts of internal damage. The high degree of energy transfer is enough to tear vital organs and disrupt major bodily functions while also mitigating the risks of over penetration.

Solid Copper – Ethical and Effective
Enjoy the freedom to hunt anywhere! These solid copper spun bullets can be used where lead ammo is prohibited. Pursue game ranging from coyotes to deer and black bear with confidence, courtesy of the unfailing terminal effectiveness of the .243 Win. TUI™. This match grade ammunition has what it takes to get results with every squeeze of the trigger, even at great distances.

See Ballistic Brilliance in Action
Witness the ballistic superiority of our Tumble Upon Impact™ technology for yourself. Take a look at our .243 Win. TUI™ ballistic gel test video. Our R&D team works tirelessly to bring you ammunition that transcends traditional designs. As a result, you can be sure that .243 Win. TUI™ won’t fail you when performance matters most.


Superior Terminal Performance and Accuracy

Non-Lead, Solid copper spun (SCS®) bullet
Multi-Patented Tumble Upon Impact™ Design
Match Grade Ammunition


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